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Calibration Services

Calibration Services

Our service center is an official Keysight Technologies’ authorized service provider in Thailand, and we have been ISO/IEC 17025 accredited since 2012. Apart from our ability to perform original equipment manufacturer (OEM) level calibrations, we can also provide customized calibration procedures, designed to meet your quality and cost objectives. We have a wide variety of reference standards and highly experienced staffs ready for all kind of calibration requirements, and this allows us to provide efficient and quick services to our customers.

Onsite Calibration Service

We can provide onsite calibration services in order to minimize “down-time” due to calibration scheduling. Our onsite calibration services reduce concerns about shipping turnaround time, damage and other potential hazards during the transportation of your valuable test equipment.

Urgent Response

Sometimes, there might be a situation in which an urgent response is required, we have enough flexible resources to provide our services to address such urgent requirement. A variety of special services can be offered to meet your tight schedule requirement.

Pickup and Delivery

For the sites located nearby Bangkok Metropolitan areas, we can schedule our service-van to pick up your equipment and return it when the job is completed. Our experienced staffs know how your valuable equipment should be delivered using safe and suitable packing methods. Boxes including ESD packaging and cushioning are normally used to ensure proper transportation.

For the sites located outside our van-service areas, shipping can be arranged by our qualified freight forwarders.

Calibration Services Report

A formal summary report will be submitted when the job is completed. This document allows you to keep detailed records about your equipment, in which you can easily refer to later.