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Atenlab is the largest antenna measurement system supplier in Taiwan. Atenlab is experienced in troble-shooting and able to provide stong support and contunuous in Research & Development

Compliance West

The leading Provider and manufacturer of state of the art Hipot and Ground Continuity test equipment for production line and laboratory product safety testing

Dream Catcher

DreamCatcher provides Professional Training Courses and University Courseware in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Everbeing Int'l Corp

Everbeing int'l Corp. have been in the manual probing market with expertise in manufacturing form consumable parts such as tips to full scale probe stations.


IWATSU backs up businesses with comprehensive, high-caliber tech services through Fusion between hardware and software systems development, our Total system framework, and Consistent system installation and maintenance.

King Design Industrial

The world-famous manufacturer of testing equipment in the field of vibratio, shock, drop, solar cell and enviroment test


Sonotec has researched and developed processing tools using ultrasound since its establishment, most products are being used in manufacturing sites in various fields. Sonotec’s ultrasonic cutters have become indispensable tools at manufacturing sites for familiar goods, because they are easy-to-use, small-size and cost-effective.


The World's leading independent supplier of precision DC high voltage power supplies and applications

SUGA Co., Ltd.

SUGA Co., Ltd. has accumulated material synthesis technology by being OEM/ODM for Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) system over the past 20 years.