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Keysight U3606B

45,200.00 ฿

Keysight digital multimeter/power supply U3606B combines a full featured 5.5 digit digital multimeter with a 30W power supply in a single, compact unit. It is capable of powering up a DUT while the instrument user simultaneously measures voltage, current and more. Measurement capabilities include: sweep function (ramp and scan) to simplify device characterisation for multi-level DC bias testing such as DC motor testing, transistor gain test, relay control and margin tests; low resistance measurement for higher accuracy.

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Brand : Keysight

Full-featured 5 digit DMM
5 digit, 120,000 counts resolution
10 measurement functions and 8 built-in math functions
4-wire low resistance measurement with 0.001 mΩ resolution
0.025% DC voltage accuracy

Full-featured 30W, DC power supply
30V/1 A, 100 mA/30V, 8V/3 A and 1000mV/3 A
0.01% + 3mV load regulation
Over voltage (OVP) and over current (OCP) load protection
4.8kHz square-wave generator, auto ramp and scan capability

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